It’s estimated that close to 100 million Americans fail to see their dentist for routine cleanings and preventive maintenance every year, despite the fact that good oral health is known to play an essential role in overall health and wellbeing. Because having your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis can be so beneficial, Dr. Chris J. Allemand strives to make sure that his patients understand the benefits of regular preventive dental care. From his office at North Bend Dental Care in North Bend, Washington, Dr. Allemand offers teeth cleaning services to residents from the eastern suburbs of Seattle.

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Why is it important to have my teeth cleaned professionally?

Having your teeth cleaned by a dentist or dental hygienist is one of the easiest ways to prevent tooth decay and spot problems before they get worse. A professional cleaning helps prevent cavities because dentists have state-of-the-art equipment that can remove plaque more effectively than the manual or electric toothbrush you use at home. They also have the tools and expertise required to remove tartar or calcified plaque. Tartar, which is something that even the best oral care routine can’t get rid of without professional help, can lead to gum disease and eventually tooth loss when it’s allowed to linger or progress.

What else can a dental cleaning do for me?

In addition to decreasing your odds of developing tooth decay or gum disease, routine dental cleanings provide a variety of important benefits, including:

  • Improved oral hygiene habits: Dr. Allemand can help you understand where your brushing and flossing routine may fall short, and offer recommendations on how to improve it.
  • A brighter smile: Professional dental cleanings can help remove stains caused by coffee, tea, red wine, and certain foods, leaving you with whiter, brighter teeth.
  • Fresher breath: A good dental cleaning gets rid of plaque and lingering bacteria, which can help you get rid of or prevent persistent bad breath.
  • Improved overall health: Because your oral health and your overall health are connected, having routine dental cleanings can help decrease your risk of certain chronic illnesses, such as heart disease. Similarly, a dentist may be the first medical provider to recognize some serious or life-threatening problems, including mouth and throat cancer.
  • Financial savings: Staying on top of routine dental cleanings can help protect you from a wide variety of costly dental issues, so they may protect your teeth just as much as they protect your pocketbook.

How often should I have my teeth cleaned?

Just as you have individual medical needs, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to how often you should see Dr. Allemand for routine dental cleanings. That’s because some people have better teeth or oral hygiene habits, while others have teeth that are naturally prone to decay, no matter how well they brush and floss. After assessing your dental history, your current habits, and the overall condition of your teeth, Dr. Allemand can recommend how often you should come in for regular cleanings and exams. Some patients may only require an annual visit, while others may need to schedule an appointment every six months.