Whether you’re missing one or two teeth or wearing poorly fitting dentures, dental implants may be the answer you’ve been waiting for. Implants are a long-term fix for missing teeth. They’re designed to blend in with your natural teeth, which makes them the perfect solution for filling in gaps and restoring your smile. At North Bend Dental Care in North Bend, Washington, Dr. Chris J. Allemand provides dental implant restoration to patients throughout the eastern suburbs of Seattle.

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What is dental implant restoration? 

Dental implant restoration is a meticulous process aimed at providing patients with a fully functional and natural-looking replacement for missing teeth. This comprehensive procedure involves attaching a custom-designed artificial tooth, typically made of porcelain, to a surgically implanted post within the jawbone. It serves as the final step in the dental implant journey, following the initial surgical placement of the implant post and the subsequent healing period.

What does the restoration procedure involve?

The restoration procedure begins after the initial implant surgery and the necessary healing period, during which the implant post integrates with the surrounding bone tissue. At this stage, Dr. Allemand uncovers the implant and affixes an abutment or post to it. This component acts as the foundation for the artificial tooth. Once the abutment is securely in place, a lifelike porcelain crown is meticulously attached to it, ensuring optimal aesthetics and functionality. The entire restoration process typically spans a few months, allowing for proper healing and adjustment to ensure long-term success.